The arrival of New Year is always a moving time but this time it is a whole new decade. It means that it is perfectly the time to make adjustments in your life to make your 2020 and new decade a better one. Apart from a healthy diet and positive activities you need to have those specific makeup products to maintain that glow to keep up with the New Year. 

No matter if you are a pro at makeup there is always space for upgrading. So this is a make-up eccentric New Year’s or new decades resolution you need to have in 2020.  The list is as follow:


You are the one who is always conscious about that perfect makeup look then don’t miss out primer which lay a foundation for whole makeup. It not only makes your make up long last but also makes it easier for you to wear makeup say it foundation or BB cream. It prepares your face for that perfect makeup look so it’s a must-have product. 


Bold Hues 

This time around don’t go for the shades that you wore last year rather try something different and bold. For a perfect eye, make-up goes for colored mascara or bold lip colors. To change your look you need to add bold lipsticks in your list. 


Liquid Eyeliner 

is the time to put aside your pencil and gel-based eyeliner because liquid eyeliner is all you need to have that desired look. Although it is not easier to use liquid eyeliner perfectly if you need the perfect wings then you have to be dependent on liquid eyeliner. 

A Loyal Moisturizer with SPF

Moisturizer is the essential product which you should have whether you are wearing any makeup or not. Because it not only helps moisturize the skin but also helps in reducing skin wrinkles. 

Makeup Remover 

The most common mistake that people do is ignoring the harmful impact of sleeping with having makeup on. A trustworthy make-up remover depending on your skin type is one of the most important products you need to have on your list. 

Eyebrow Gel

Can transform your whole look so it is something you should pay attention to and don’t hesitate to spend money on this product. A good eyebrow gel with the right shade can help you have the perfect eyebrows. 

Lip Balm 

Have a lip balm in your pocket or bag doesn’t need any specific season. Because you need it whether it’s a day or night. No matter how expensive lipstick you put on they won’t look good unless your lips are moisturized. 

Choose a Perfume that will Last 

Applying make-up can complete your look but having the right kind of perfume has a direct impact on your personality. Your perfume makes the first impression so you better have a pleasant perfume on your list. 

Setting Spray 

Like a primer is important at the start of the make-up a setting spray is required in the same vein to end it. A setting spray maintains the fresh make-up look all day long by giving a radiant boost. So you just can’t miss out on this product. 

BB Cream/Foundation 

The foundation is a must-have when it comes to make-up but since it has high coverage and many want lighter handling to have no make-up look you must have a reliable BB cream that you can apply daily for work, university and keep the foundation for more formal occasions. 

These are the basic products you need to have in your bag as well as on your list this year. 

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